CD – Caught by the Machine

Released on 22 February 2019.

1. Bodies on the Road
2. Run
3. Broken
4. The Golden Ones
5. Just Walk Away
6. Drowning in Sound
7. Clover
8. Vanished
9. It's not my Home
10. Bloodstream

Steve Anderson - guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
Eric Bouillette - guitar and violin
Mark Dixon - keyboards and backing vocals
Andy Rowe - bass guitar and backing vocals
Martin Wilson - lead vocals
Chris York - drums and backing vocals

All songs written by Steve Anderson, Eric Bouillette, Steve Checkley, Mark Dixon, Andy Rowe, Martin Wilson and Chris York.

Produced by John Mitchell and The Room.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Outhouse Studios.

Price: £10.00

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