22 January 2014

A quick look over the shoulder

2013 was an incredible year for us. Not only was the album Open Fire received so brilliantly in the press, on the radio and with you guys but we also got to play some amazing shows with some great bands. We played with Mostly Autumn, Winter in Eden and our great friends Also Eden. Of course there was also disappointment, with the cancellation of SkyFest and also the hospitalisation of Steve Anderson the day before our Cambridge Rock Festival show. Screaming through the noise was released in aid of CHECT and the video has now had over 2000 views. The song also featured as a best of the year on Firebrand Rock Radio. Finally we said goodbye to our drummer Andrew who was forced into retirement through the onset of tinnitus. A sad moment to end the year on and with so many wonderful memories and so much fun over the last 12 months he is gonna be missed. We also want to thank Melodic Revolution Records, F2, and Skyfire for their support over the last 12 months.

New Drummer

We are lining up auditions for the permanent replacement for Andrew. We have not really advertised the opportunity that much but have already had a number of very interesting enquiries. Auditions start at the end of the month and we will let you know first when we are ready to announce a new member of the band. We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to Stef for brilliantly stepping into the breach and making the booked shows happen.

Looking Forward

2014 is already looking rather exciting. We have already announced that we will be joining Also Eden at Danfest 4 in Leicester in November and there will be more shared dates with Rich and the boys this year. There are a number of other dates and festivals bubbling away ready to be announced but we have to keep our powder dry for the moment. This year will also see us getting stuck into album number two. We have already got one track, Full Circle, written (and are playing it at our live shows) but have a load more to do if we are to hit our target of spring 2015 for the album’s release. More radio, more live shows and an exciting release in March in collaboration with a very famous organisation!