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Caught By The Machine details, pre-order, new single and party!!

Hi Roommates:

These last few months have been tough. It has been like being given a birthday present and not being allowed to open it for 6 months! However the wait is now over and we can finally reveal the details of our new album “Caught By The Machine” which releases on White Star Records on 22/2/2019

Recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading with the amazing John Mitchell occupying the engineer / producer / backing singer chair the album runs a great value sixty minutes with ten new tracks we hope you are going to like! We have been playing a few of them live in the last 12 months so if you have seen us recently you may recognise one or two.



1. Bodies On The Road

2. Run

3. Broken

4. The Golden Ones

5. Just Walk Away

6. Drowning In Sound

7. Clover

8. Vanished

9. It’s Not My Home

10. Bloodstream


Pre-Order & Party

The pre-order system is now open direct from White Star Records and you can access that here

Or alternatively why not join us at Jagz Ascot on Friday 22nd Feb (album release night) to help celebrate the occasion, buy your CD, we might even sign it, and enjoy the show. Joining us as special guests will be our label mates The Paradox Twin


New Single

Following the success of Broken, the debut single from Caught By The Machine, we are delighted to share with you another track from the album just to give you a little hint as to what is to come. The Golden Ones, is a song all about the generational responsibilities and accountabilities for our world. We, (The Golden Ones) clear up behind our forefathers whilst creating devastation for our children (The Golden Ones) to tidy up. Here is a listening video:




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